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Luxury Living in the Heart of Telluride


HOLIDAYS (Christmas and New Years)                                    $950/ Night (seven night minimum)

WINTER REGULAR                                                                  $750/ Night

WINTER BARGAIN  (Before the Holidays/ January)                $575 Night


           BLUEGRASS                                                                $4750 for 4 nights

           BLUES & BREWS                                                         $4500 for 4 nights

           FILM                                                                              $4000 for 4 nights

           RIDE                                                                              $3200 for 4 nights

           JAZZ                                                                              $2200 for 3 nights

SUMMER REGULAR                                                               $600/ Night

SPRING/ FALL                                                                         $500 Night

NOTE: Due to the high local cost of cleaning and service, special rates might apply for stays of less than 4 nights

*All Rates are Exclusive of Taxes

Currently, all inclusive lodging taxes in Telluride, total 12.4%.

** We offer discounts to repeat guests

 License # 13277



We accept Checks, Paypal and Major Credit Cards. A 2.5% fee will be added for Paypal and Credit Cards.




Deposit of 30% of the full price of the booking is required to guarantee reservation.

Full Payment Required 30 Days prior to Stay (OR 45 days for Christmas, New Years, Bluegrass, Blues & Brews, Ride or Film)

Cancellation within 45 days of stay OR 75 for Holiday and major festical bookings (as above) results in full forfeiture of all deposit paid to date. 

Security deposit required in advance of stay for damage deposit

(See rental contract for full terms and conditions)







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