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Telluride Brewing Co. ( makes great beer - a great IPA (Tempter,) a great brown ale (Face Down Brown) and now... a great double IPA.

You can find their beers just about everywhere in town.

The real experience though, is to take a trip to the brewery on Lawson Hill (5 minutes drive or slightly longer bike ride.) There, you can sample beers, drink pints, fill your Growler or buy a hat to wear for the rest of your life. You can also get great pizza at Aemono next door.

At the Livery 1A you will find an empty Growler and the growler card in the cabinet on top of the refrigerator. Take it to the brewery and get it filled as many times as you like. They will stamp the card each time. If you happen to be the lucky 10, you will get a free Growler. Please leave the Growler and the card above the refridgerator when you leave.

Enjoy your Growler.

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